A bit more about me and my work

The "infection" happened when my parents gave me a 35mm Beirette VSN camera to my elementary school graduation. Few years later arrived the digital age. I used a couple of type cameras such as Nikon D3000 what I sent to retire after more than 200.000 shots! Since December of 2015 my mate is a Nikon D7200. Of course I'm not fare away from the old analog techinques in this case I'm always bringing with me an old camera, nowdays a Zenith-E what was made in 1977.

Not only take a shots but deal about everything what is Photography. I studying the old tchniqies from the begining of the photograpy to nowdays and collecting the old staffs like cameras,photos,slides, etc. At the moment I have more than 100 cameras since 1914 to nowdays and I'm working on all of them will be usable.

I consider myself the documentaries because I have quite a broad range of activities in the photography from the party photograpy to the nature pictures. That is a basis for me the moment never came back! Can be a possible to take a hundred shots about one person but none of them will be the same. This is especially true to take a photos in the nature or in a concert. I try to give an artistic shape of my pictures from my persprective and welcome almost any request whether it's an gastronomy or portfoilo pictures.

Of course, without a sense of achievement it is not worth anything in a fight. I've got a lot about it. Like an amateur photographaer can say I was awarded in Euoropean and Hungarian competations and one of my pictures was exhibited in artistic photo gallery. 51 pictures was published on the National Gheographic Hungary website and three times was the Picture Of The Day here. As usual like the other photographers I have an ideals because of their works such as Robert Capa, Andrew Kertész, Máté Bence, Lindsey Adler, Eric Motta and so on...